HISTORIA-0-ANGLHISTORIA-1-ANGLHISTORIA-2-ANGLWe want to be leadersWe are innovative CEPICMA MAROC S.A.R.L. is part of a 4-company group. Their story begins on 1986 with the creation of the company CEPICMA S.A. in Terrassa (Barcelona, Spain). All of them focus on the treatment of residual and drinking waters. Each company is legally independent, and also in the products they sale and the geographic area of influence they cover, but applying the know-how adquired during almost 30 years.

During all these years, CEPICMA S.A. has constructed, enlarged, reconstructed and operated more than 80 treatment plants, either municipal and industrial, applying to each of thm the most suitable technology (trickling filter, activated sludges, membrane bioreactor, physical-chemical or a mix of them).

CEPICMA MAROC S.A.R.L was founded not only to access the Moroccan market, but also other markets in Africa, mainly in countries of the Atlantic and central coast.
Currently the other companies of the group are:

1.- ASSAINISSEMENT TECHNIQUE INTERNATIONAL SL (ATI.IN) works in design and construction of water treatment plants (both residual and drinking) for municipal and industrial sectors, biological products, equipments for water treatment plants (plastic media for trickling filters, lamellar decantators, cooling towers), laboratory equipments and products for water analysis, etc. It is located in Terrassa, 30 Km. Northeast from Barcelona (Spain).

Our business vocation is universal. We can attend markets in any country of Europe, Latin America and emerging countries from Southeast Asia and Africa.

2.- ANOTHER COMPANY OF THE GROUP, BIOLOGÍA Y FILTRACIÓN S.L. (BIO-FIL), produces plastic filter media for fix biomass biological treatments, and commercializes biological and filtration products for wastewater treatment plants all over Europe. The company is located in Santa Eulàlia de Ronçana, 45 Km. north from Barcelona. Its current business is focused 70% in the European market, although its products are being introduced in costumers from Asia and America.

3.- AMBIENTECH TRADING INTERNATIONAL S.L. (ATICH), which commercializes equipments and products for water treatment plants in general (both drinking and residual) for the Spanish market.